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Engage with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to backup and restore with a single click on a schedule that suits you.


Coyote Manager offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all our plugins. You are sure to solve your plugin needs with Coyote Manager.


Coyote Manager offers feature-rich plugins that will receive continuous updates and improvements at no additional cost to you.

Coyote Manager FAQ Plugin

Our Coyote FAQ plugin is optimized to follow the Google FAQ schema guidelines. With the ease of use and incorporation, your websites FAQ section may be eligible to have a rich result on the Google search engine and even actions on Google’s smart assistant.

  • Built to Google Schema specifications
  • Easy FAQ content management
  • Simple install and implementation
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Coyote Manager Review Plugin

Have specific needs for your site that aren’t covered by existing plugins? Coyote Manager offers custom plugin services to make sure you receive the exact functionality you need to make your website successful.

  • Consultation with your team to plan the specific functionality
  • Custom development and deployment to your site
  • Provide a truly custom website experience
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Our Coyote FAQ plugin is optimized to follow the Google FAQ schema guidelines.

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